How to Keep your New Hardwood Flooring in Good Condition

How to Keep your New Hardwood Flooring in Good Condition - TimberTown - Hardwood Flooring Experts Calgary

There’s something exceptionally satisfying about looking at a twenty year old hardwood floor that still looks as good as they day it was finished. Now we’ll admit, we’re probably into great-looking hardwood floors a little more than the average person, but we think you’ll agree that anyone who invests in hardwood would love to keep it looking like-new for years. But how do you do it? At TimberTown, we believe preserving your hardwood floor begins with knowing what causes it to degrade in the first place.

Water Damage is the true enemy of wood floors. Water causes swelling, discolouration, and can lift the hardwood up. Prolonged water damage leads to rot and mould problems. Any natural wood flooring is going to be damaged by prolonged water exposure.

What to do! Try to prevent and limit spills from beverages. Keep wet shoes on tile and rugs. Make sure people dry off after showering and don’t drip water on the floor. Keep wet pets off the hardwood. When any of these events happen — and they will — use a towel and dry up the spill immediately.

How to Clean. The no water rule can make some people a bit confused as to how to keep their hardwood floor clean. Vacuuming is a good way to remove unwanted dust, sand, and dirt. If your floor is grimy or muddy, try wiping it up with a slightly damp microfiber cloth.

Dirt Scratches. These tiny scratches can cause big problems later on. They’re caused by dirt, sand, and pebbles being ground into the floor — usually by kids walking through the house with their shoes on. Be sure to take shoes off and clean doggy-paws to keep as much dirt off the floor to begin with. When you see dirt or mud on the floor, clean it up sooner rather than later.

How to Prevent. Vacuum the floor regularly. A daily vacuum isn’t quite necessary, but some like to do it a bit more often than weekly. Keep shoes off the hardwood, and try to limit the amount of dirt getting into the house.

Big Scratches and Dents are caused by a bunch of different things. Pets running after a ball, furniture being dragged across the floor, and dropping heavy objects are some of the more common culprits. Take a look at your home and lifestyle to figure out what might be the dent-causers in your life.

Keep your Floor Pristine. By putting little felt pads or other protection on the feet of furniture, you’ll prevent a lot of problems. It’s also a good idea to communicate clearly with your family which pet games are okay inside and which ones need to be taken to the backyard. Things getting dropped is a part of life, but you can minimize accidents by encouraging kids to carry and pass things using two hands. You can also look for heavy items that are in places where they’re likely to get knocked over.

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