How to Decide What Flooring is Right for Your Home

How to Decide What Flooring is Right for Your Home - TimberTown - Flooring Experts Calgary

If you’re like most Calgary homeowners, deciding which flooring is right for your home is actually more a process of deciding which floor is right for a particular room. Every room has a variety of great flooring options and each will also have choices that should be avoided.

Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms

Bathrooms and laundry rooms have some unique needs. They both carry the risk of flooding and water damage, but they don’t experience nearly as much traffic as living rooms and kitchens. While a main bathroom used by all family members and guests may benefit from ceramic tile, your laundry room, ensuite, and lightly used washrooms will likely do just fine with an affordable Luxury Vinyl.


The kitchen is one of the neediest rooms in your home. Your flooring should be heat resistant, waterproof, and — if you get a lot of foot traffic through it — durable. Because of the affordability, many people opt for lino or vinyl for their kitchen. Ceramic tile is another common option. Tile is often well within a homeowner’s budget. It’s easy to clean, durable, and water and heat resistant. However, it can be tiring to stand on for long periods of time.

Living Room

You’ll want to balance comfort with durability for your living room. While some homeowners enjoy the softness of carpet, we suggest Hardwood or Engineered Hardwood as well as Laminate and Luxury Vinyl with well placed rugs. Rugs are easier to clean than wall to wall carpet, hold less allergens, and can be easily replaced if a pet or child managed to permanently stain them. Hardwood and Engineered Hardwood flooring are all gentle to walk and stand on, have great long term durability, and are easy to clean.


The bedroom is all about comfort. Unless you’re spending a lot of time in your room, bedrooms won’t need the kind of durability that’s required of a kitchen or living room. This might be the place to opt for carpet, but if you’re worried about allergies or have pets, hardwood can make a bedroom feel modern and sleek. They’re also easy to keep clean.

There are so many flooring option that it can be hard to balance the needs of a room with your budget and style preference. A lot of your choice is going to come down to individual taste and lifestyle. For a more expensive and luxurious alternative to tile, your may opt for stone flooring, and if you have a large dog with long nails, you may decide that engineered wood is a more durable alternative to natural wood flooring.

If you have questions about which flooring is right for you and your home, TimberTown is here to help! Our expert staff would love to discuss your options and explain what will work best for your circumstances. Come into the location nearest you.

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