How to Choose Deck Railings

deck railing

Our experience tells us that the best time to consider deck railing options is during the planning stages of the deck design. During the design stage, any extra support or other considerations can be made to accommodate for your desired railing, so that you get what you want and you are happy with your new outdoor living space. Your deck railing system consists of three major components; posts, rails, and balusters. Whether you lean towards consistency or complimentary railing components, you can find an option that will suit your style when you’re choosing deck railing.

Types of Deck Railing

There are many deck railing material options to choose from. Here are some of the most common selections, just to name a few:

Wood Deck Railing

  • MicroPro® Sienna treated wood posts, wood rails, and wood spindles
  • Pinnacle Cedar wood posts, wood rails, and wood spindles
  • MicroPro® Sienna wood posts and wood rails with Fortress Aluminum round balusters
  • Pinnacle Cedar wood posts and wood rails with Fortress Aluminum round balusters

Aluminum Deck Railing

  • Vista® Aluminum posts, rails and pickets; narrow or wide.
  • Vista® Aluminum Posts and Rails with Glass Panels; clear glass or tinted glass.
  • Fortress aluminum posts with pre-welded railing panels.
  • Fortress aluminum posts and railing with glass panels
  • Aluminum posts with a rail-less glass panel

Low Maintenance Deck Railing

Other Combinations of Deck Railing

  • Pinnacle cedar posts with Fortress aluminum railing or glass panels.
  • NextStone wrapped posts with wood or aluminum rails, aluminum spindles or glass panels.

What to Consider When Selecting a Deck Railing

Deck Railing Budget

Like any home renovation, you will want to plan a budget for your project as you’re selecting a deck railing. Railing materials can cost anywhere from $10 per linear foot – for MicroPro® Sienna treated Wood Posts, Rails, and Spindles, to over $150 per foot for aluminum posts with rail-less glass panels.

Deck Railing Design

Another important consideration when choosing deck railing materials is how it will coordinate with your deck boards – from color to texture, longevity and design. Your deck board materials should have a life expectancy equal to or longer than your railing selection. The installed pattern of your deck boards, and post spacing are just a few things that will influence the look of your railing –  sketch out your project plans to guarantee your personal satisfaction.

Deck Railing Function   

The primary function of a deck railing is safety. A secondary railing function will be to create privacy, or to improve the view. Choosing the right spindles, balusters, rail panels or glass for your deck railing project will ensure you achieve the desired look.

Hopefully this helps make the decision-making process for deck railing materials easier. We can help you make the right choice for your budget and taste. Bring in your sketch and lets start planning your project today!

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