How the WRLA Helps to Make us a Better Company

How the WRLA Helps to Make us a Better Compny - TimberTown - Hardwood Products Calgary

TimberTown is one of the proud members of the Western Retail Lumber Association or the WRLA. This association, representing 1200 firms, works throughout the western Canadian provinces to promote lumber, building materials, and the hard good industry from BC to Manitoba. It also represents members from all three territories and northern Ontario. At TimberTown, we believe that being a part of WRLA helps us to be a better company.

Training Opportunities.

The WRLA strives to help those of us who work with Canadian lumber and hard goods to prosper and serve homeowners across Canada to the best of our abilities. This means providing members with excellent training opportunities. The WRLA offers training in health and safety as well as courses to increase woodworking skills. They also offer scholarships and bursaries to exceptional contributors to the lumber industry.

Access to Resources.

Besides education, the WRLA has also complied handbooks and useful documents over the years. They create useful references that benefit companies and customers alike, so that all of the members can access this knowledge and better support the Canadians they serve.

Mystery Shopper Program.

In order to protect standards, the WRLA created a mystery shopper program. This way, companies like ours can evaluate their business reliably. It’s important to us that we provide excellent products, information, and services to all of our customers.

Networking Across Canada.

The WRLA hosts numerous events throughout the year. Some of these events, like their three golf tournaments, are for fun and networking. But they also host buying shows, material shows, and more. These events are excellent opportunities to network with others in our industry and learn about the best products and tricks to date.

Being a member of the WRLA gives us access to opportunities, resources, and events that help us to provide our customers with the best products and services available. If you’re interested to learn how TimberTown can benefit your project, call us today. Or come into the TimberTown closest to you!

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