Great Uses For Laminate Flooring


A lot of men and women come to TimberTown with the intention of looking at hardwood flooring, but ultimately end up choosing laminate flooring instead. And why not? With low prices, high durability, and a beautiful look, laminate flooring can be perfect for virtually any home.

Of course, there are some special situations where laminate flooring makes even more sense. Here are three uses for laminate flooring in Calgary that we hear about fairly often:

1. High-traffic areas in a family home. The fact that laminate flooring is so resistant to scuffs and stains makes it perfect for parts of a home where people will constantly be walking through, or where children will be eating and playing with toys. If you feel nervous about putting hardwood in a busy part of the home, consider laminate.

2. Rooms that are exposed to people coming in from the outdoors. Entryways and hallways can also be good places for laminate flooring, since it’s easy to wipe away residue from snow or ice. The more exposed a floor is to different bits of moisture and weather, the easier it is to justify laminate flooring.

3. Rental properties that may not be maintained perfectly. In a perfect world, renters would take great care of every property. Experienced rental property owners, however, have learned that laminate flooring can be a good value in those instances where floors aren’t as well maintained as they could be, offering more resistance to damage and lower replacement costs.

Obviously, there is a lot that goes into making the choice between hardwood flooring and laminate flooring. But, if you’re looking for a great value, and something that you can enjoy worry-free for years to come, laminate floors might be the perfect answer.

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