Get the look of wood in bathrooms and Kitchens with laminate flooring

laminte and hardwood flooring

Wood and laminate flooring continues to be one of the most popular flooring choices and it’s not uncommon to see houses with nothing but wood or wood look flooring. Except for the bathroom, that is. If you’ve always loved wood floors and wished that you could carry that look over into your bathrooms, TimberTown now carries Award luxury vinyl plank flooring and tiles.

Real wood and laminate flooring aren’t usually recommended for use in bathrooms or other areas where there is high humidity or the likelihood of puddles of water (for example, around the dog’s dish in the kitchen). If you’ve ever had a hardwood floor in a bathroom, you may know firsthand what can happen when a toilet floods or a sink or bathtub overflows.

Two of the major components of laminate flooring are wood fibre and glue which can absorb water. Over time, laminate flooring that’s exposed to too much water can swell, warp, and buckle. Even though kitchens are usually drier than bathrooms, laminate can be a bit iffy because if you drop a knife point down on laminate flooring, it could cause a noticeable chip or gouge.

Award Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring can be installed over an existing floor without underlay. It’s very easy to install and you don’t need special tools. To cut an Award vinyl plank, all you have to do is score it with a utility knife and then bend to break. Award uses a glueless click system so it snaps together with a perfect join every time. Award Luxury Vinyl Plank is a more pliant surface than regular laminate so it’s quiet and warm under foot. Best of all, it’s impervious to water so it’s perfect for bathrooms or other damp areas.

For all of your hardwood and laminate flooring needs, including beautiful and durable vinyl flooring from Award, visit a TimberTown location near you.

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