Free In-Home Measuring for Floors

Free In-Home Measuring for Floors - TimberTown - Free In-Home Measuring Services Calgary

Last month we talked about our free interior design consultations  We love providing this service to Albertans, because we know how hard it can be to pick the perfect floor. After all, there’s a huge variety of materials and looks available. However, choosing the right floor isn’t the only thing that can be challenging. Over the years, we’ve found many Alberta homeowners struggle to measure their floors perfectly. They often end up ordering too much or too little flooring. We’d rather Albertans could just order the perfect amount, so we’re offering free in-home measuring to our customers!

What’s Included? With years of experience measuring, cutting, and installing floors, our professionals are happy to meet you at your home and help carefully measure each room of your home. We love that homeowners get excited about the style and type of flooring they choose, but when it comes to measuring a floor perfectly, experience and knowing how the floor will fit into the room helps a lot more than enthusiasm. Our experts do just that. Because they know how much floor it’ll take to go around corners and fill the awkward nooks and crannies that houses tend to have, they can take more accurate measurements and order the right amount of floor. That means you won’t end up with extra flooring you don’t want nor will you be stuck waiting two weeks for more to arrive!

Beyond Flooring. Are you getting ready to renovate your floor? The experts at TimberTown are ready to help you make all the hard decisions concerning what sort of materials shouldn’t be used where and what colours will look best with your furniture. However, if you think flooring is all TimberTown can help you with, you’re in for a surprise! We can help you pick out new hardware like door knobs and hinges, and we have a huge selection of mouldings and trims to choose from.

If you want to build it, we can probably get the supplies for it. Call TimberTown today for your free in-home measuring or anything else!