Flooring Protection Underlayment and Subfloor

Subfloor and Underlayment are important things to consider when it comes to purchasing flooring for either your residential or commercial property. Floor protection is also worth using to anytime renovations are being done in your home.


The subfloor is the material installed underneath an interior floor (hardwood, engineered, vinyl or laminate) It is the structural material that will support your new floor. The subfloor helps provide a stable, flat and solid surface across the flooring joists. Homeowners typically never see their subfloor unless they are installing the flooring themselves.


Underlayment goes on top of the subfloor and can also serve as a protective and sound reducing barrier below the flooring material. Depending on the type of flooring you choose, there are many options to consider. It is important to choose the appropriate underlayment that will suit the floor you install over top.

  • Eliminates minor subfloor imperfections
  • Helps to reduce noise
  • Assists in keeping your floor warm
  • Underlay can act as a moisture barrier to your flooring


TimberTown has three very good options to protect your flooring while you are doing construction in the rest of your project area.

Construction Board:

  • 38in X 100ft       (317 sq.ft.)
  • Heavy duty Surface protection
  • Installs ast and flat
  • 100% recyclable, reusable

Albert Floortex:

  • 40in X 45ft       (150 sq.ft.)
  • Slightly adherent with a breathable protective film
  • Temporary protection for hardwood, engineered, vinyl and laminate flooring
  • Scratch and pressure resisitant


  • 36in X 250ft       (300 sq.ft.)
  • Temporary protection for hardwood, engineered, vinyl and laminate flooring
  • Scratch and pressure resisitant

For more information on TimberTown’s underlayment & subfloor selections, check out our website, call or stop by any of our 5 retail locations to view our selection.

Click Here For TimberTown’s Product Selection: SubFloors & Underlays


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