Why Fall is a Great Time for Deck and Patio Repair

If you only come to see us once or twice each spring, you might be surprised to know that TimberTown stays busy through the fall helping homeowners to find what they need for projects like deck and patio repair. In fact, in our experience, fall is a great season for this type of work around the house.


If you’ve never considered working on your deck or patio after the summer months are over, here are a few reasons to give it a second thought:


Fall offers great weather for outdoor projects. Why suffer through wet spring weather, or worse, the heat of summer, when late September through October and early November often give you days that are dry and sunny without being overbearing?


It’s the perfect time to handle any pre-winter repairs or maintenance. If you’ve been putting off deck or patio repairs for a while, you may have parts that are barely safe now. Under the weight of snow and ice, they could become more damaged, or collapse altogether.


You can repair your deck and seal it against winter weather at the same time. Fall is often a popular time for sealing wood decks anyway, and handling a couple of extra repairs at the same time could make the whole process more convenient. Plus, it means less work once spring comes around again.


TimberTown has great deals on lumber all year-round. Just because the warmer months have gone away doesn’t mean that our pricing does. You can stop in any time of the year to see what we have for lumber, hardwood flooring, and more, and feel confident you’re going to get a great deal.


Considering making some repairs to your deck and patio this fall? Make sure to stop by TimberTown for suggestions from our home improvement experts.


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