Choosing the Right Materials for Your Feature Wall

If you are interested in creating a Feature Wall in your Home or Office space, there are an abundance of options available. You may opt for a crisp, clean look that offers straight lines and is uniform in color, or maybe your desired look for a Feature Wall is rustic with a rough sawn finish and more variation in color. Defining the look that you are trying to achieve for your feature wall, as well as deciding on a budget for the project will help you to determine which materials would be best for the job. Using mouldings and trim, wall paneling, or flooring for your Feature Wall will be sure to make the impact you are looking for!

Mouldings and Trim

There are many possible designs and patterns which use mouldings and trim to enhance the look of a wall. You could use a 1”x4”, 1”x5” or 1”x6” to create a grid pattern for a subtle, defined Feature Wall. Another option is to use a bead board or wainscoting for either the full or partial height of a wall. If you decide on a partial wall, you can use a Panel moulding or Chair rail to cap it off.

MDF Shiplap Panelling

One of our current favorites is the MDF 15mmx5-1/2” Shiplap. Shiplap boards are rabbeted and fit together so that each board overlaps the one below. Primed MDF lengths can be painted white, or any color you may choose. MDF Shiplap paneling creates a clean and uniform look for your Home or Office Space. Its cost is relatively economical and can be applied easily with finishing nails or adhesive.

Real Wood Panelling

V-Joint Tongue & Groove in Cedar and V-Joint Tongue & Groove Knotty Pine, as well as Knotty Pine Shiplap, are a few options that are generally available for quick delivery or pick up. Both Knotty Pine and Cedar will look great with a Natural or Clear Finish, or you could stain to complement the existing colors of your home or office space.

Wood Designed for Walls

Our Xcelerated by Coeur d’Alene Wood uses a natural process, exposing it to a unique combination of sun, soil, water, and wind. This natural process ages new wood resulting in a weathered piece of lumber with a reclaimed look that would have taken Mother Nature decades to achieve. Xcelerated comes in a Natural Mix, or a Grey Mix.

Another option, Fineline by Woodtone is a Wall and Ceiling Panel, has an end matched Penny Gap, square edge profile and is prefinished in unique colors. Both Xcelereated and Fineline can be used for Interior and Exterior applications.

Flooring For Walls

You may find a Laminate or Engineered Wood floor that is perfect for a Feature Wall in your home or office space. Be sure to determine the best method for fastening. You may need to shim the wall prior to installation. You can install the flooring vertically, horizontally, or diagonally – be creative! You may choose to mix a few complementary decors together for a truly unique Feature Wall.

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