Choosing the Right Materials for Your Feature Wall

If you are interested in creating a Feature Wall in your Home or Office space, there are an abundance of options available. You may opt for a crisp, clean look that offers straight lines and is uniform in color, or maybe your desired look for a Feature Wall is rustic with a rough sawn finish
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Selecting Interior Mouldings and Trim

Which Type of Moulding is Suitable for your Interior Finishing Project? When selecting Interior Mouldings & Trim for your finishing project, it helps to narrow down your selection by the project type. CASING – Door and Window Trim If you are replacing the trim around your doors and windows there are plenty of Casing options
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Updating Interior Doors and Hardware

Updating Interior Doors and Hardware | Calgary AB

When you decide to update the interior doors and hardware in your home, here are some things to consider that will help make your space feel updated and refreshed. Put some thought into the look you’d like to achieve, how many doors you need and what function they will serve. Will your doors swing open
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How to Choose the Best Flooring Underlayment

One of the most common questions we get regarding the purchase of a new floor is “Which flooring underlayment should I use?” There are many options available today – with as many possible uses. Let us help you decide which is the most suitable for your space. Knowing which type of flooring you will have
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When Home Improvement Meets Hometown Improvement in Calgary and Edmonton

Buy your home improvement materials in Calgary and Edmonton areas, can improve your Local communities  – New Research Shows the Impact of Keeping Home Improvement Purchases Local As we head into the busiest seasons for home improvement in Calgary and Edmonton areas, it is important to know that where consumers choose to shop for their
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Mouldings and Trim

Special Feature: Moulding & Trim Interactive Page Products Featured: Metrie®   View our mouldings and trim options here

Flooring Protection Underlayment and Subfloor

Subfloor and Underlayment are important things to consider when it comes to purchasing flooring for either your residential or commercial property. Floor protection is also worth using to anytime renovations are being done in your home. SUBFLOOR: The subfloor is the material installed underneath an interior floor (hardwood, engineered, vinyl or laminate) It is the
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Harmoniously Living with Pets and Hardwood Flooring


Would you like to live harmoniously with Pets and Hardwood Flooring? We are know that pets are awesome. But, do you know that over a third of homes in Alberta own cats, another full third own dogs. Small mammals, birds, and reptiles are also popular.  As a culture, we love our pets, but unfortunately our
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Cedar Wood Fencing Materials

Calgary’s Cedar wood Fencing Materials - TimberTown - Fencing Materials Calgary

We’ve been writing about different wood materials quite a bit in the last few months. Earlier this June, we were discussing pressure treated woods  and in May, we took some time to write about composite decking. Today, we’re going to continue the trend and fill you in on cedar wood. A Naturally Superior Choice A
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Treated Wood Fencing Materials

Wood like most plant matter naturally decomposes or rots easily. It takes only 50-200 years for an entire tree to vanish into soil; one glass bottle is thought to take a million years. When the wood is buried into damp soil, the decaying process is even faster. That’s why treating wood against insects and rot
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