Updating your Home with Door Hardware

Updating your Home with Door Hardware - TimberTown - Hardwood Floors and Doors Calgary

Whether you’re trying to give your home some extra shine before you list it for sale or you simply want to update your old door hardware for a new, modern look, TimberTown has the products you need by the suppliers you trust. Here are some of the different types of door knobs and levers you
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Barn Door Solutions for Your Home and Business

Barn Door Solutions for Your Home and Business - TimberTown - Barn Doors Alberta

Here at TimberTown, we’ve had a lot of customers coming into our locations excited about barn doors. Alberta has a rich agricultural history, so it makes sense that Alberta home owners want to tap into that culture when creating their home and business spaces. Here are just a couple ways barn doors can be incorporated
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Carpet vs. Laminate, LVT or Hardwood

When you are trying to decide between new carpet and hard surface flooring such as Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile (LVT), Laminate, Solid or Engineered Hardwood Flooring – there are many things to consider. In which rooms are you installing new flooring? How much traffic is expected in the new flooring area? Do you need
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Start Prepping for your Spring & Summer Projects

Start Prepping for your Spring & Summer Projects - TimberTown - Calgary Wood Materials

While it may not feel like it quite yet, spring and summer are just around the corner! Many Albertans wait until June or July to begin thinking about the outdoor projects they want to get done, but with such a short warm season, our experts at TimberTown suggest you begin planning now. Pick your Projects.
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How the WRLA Helps to Make us a Better Company

How the WRLA Helps to Make us a Better Compny - TimberTown - Hardwood Products Calgary

TimberTown is one of the proud members of the Western Retail Lumber Association or the WRLA. This association, representing 1200 firms, works throughout the western Canadian provinces to promote lumber, building materials, and the hard good industry from BC to Manitoba. It also represents members from all three territories and northern Ontario. At TimberTown, we
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Leftover material? Cool DIY projects to make!

Leftover material? Cool DIY projects to make! - TimberTown - Calgary Timber Company

When it comes to doing a project like a fence, deck, or hardwood floor, many folks will suggest buying anywhere between 10-20% extra material. This can be great, if you’ve miscalculated the amount of wood you’ll need or if some of your materials are unusable for some reason, you won’t be stuck waiting for new
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The National Wood Flooring Association is Celebrating 30 Years

The National Wood Flooring Association is Celebrating 30 Years - TimberTown - Hardwood Flooring Experts Calgary

TimberTown is a proud member of the National Wood Flooring Association or NWFA. NWFA is an educational and professional not for profit that helps promote the use of wood flooring across the country as well as offering professional development opportunities to its members. In exchange for following the association’s bylaws and adhering to its bylaws,
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Baseboard Mouldings

Calgary Baseboard Moulding - TimberTown - Calgary Timber Company

Of all the mouldings available, baseboards are probably the ones most commonly seen. That’s because baseboards have a job beyond making your walls look nicer. They also hide the joint between your walls and your floor. Now a days, baseboards are usually a narrow strip of wood that is nailed, screwed, or just glued on.
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Crown Mouldings

Calgary Crown Mouldings - TimberTown - Crown Mouldings Calgary

For the most part, we work with Alberta homeowners who are interested in improving the look of their home. Usually this means an interest in a particular DIY project, but sometimes, Calgary homeowners know that a wall or room isn’t living up to their expectation, but they aren’t sure why. One of the easiest solutions
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Builders Hardware

Builders Hardware - TimberTown - Timber Company Calgary

Here at TimberTown, it’s pretty fair to say we specialize in all kinds of wood products. From plywood and lumber to flooring and doors, we have basically all the wood supplies you’d need for creating any project. However, we actually carry a lot of building hardware too. Building hardware includes all the metal bits used
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What are some Moulding profiles?

What are some Moulding profiles? - TimberTown - Moulding Experts Calgary

There is a huge variety of moulding to choose from, and they often seem to come in almost infinite designs and styles. Fortunately, this isn’t actually the case. Most mouldings can be broken down into one of three categories. Once you know the three categories, it can be easier to decide what designs you think
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