Carpet vs. Laminate, LVT or Hardwood

When you are trying to decide between new carpet and hard surface flooring such as Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile (LVT), Laminate, Solid or Engineered Hardwood Flooring – there are many things to consider. In which rooms are you installing new flooring? How much traffic is expected in the new flooring area? Do you need
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How to Choose the Best Flooring Underlayment

One of the most common questions we get regarding the purchase of a new floor is “Which flooring underlayment should I use?” There are many options available today – with as many possible uses. Let us help you decide which is the most suitable for your space. Knowing which type of flooring you will have
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Flooring Protection Underlayment and Subfloor

Subfloor and Underlayment are important things to consider when it comes to purchasing flooring for either your residential or commercial property. Floor protection is also worth using to anytime renovations are being done in your home. SUBFLOOR: The subfloor is the material installed underneath an interior floor (hardwood, engineered, vinyl or laminate) It is the
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Hardwood Floors and the Need to Acclimate

Everyone’s heard of hardwood floors, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows what acclimation is or why it’s important. While your contractor will likely be taking care of everything, we feel that it’s important for homeowners to know and understand how their floor works and how to care for it. That way, fewer mistakes will be
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What to Consider when Starting your DIY Deck Project

What to Consider when Starting your DIY Deck Project - TimberTown - Calgary Wood Materials Experts

There are few additions to a backyard paradise that add as much enjoyment as a deck. While kids may think the lumber and time would be better spent on a play set, a deck is an ideal place for adults to gather. During the summer months, there’s no better place to chat with friends, eat
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What’s the Difference Between an Underlay and a Subfloor?

What’s the Difference Between an Underlay and a Subfloor? - TimberTown - Flooring Experts Calgary

Many Albertan homeowners have heard the terms underlay and subfloor, but unless they work in the flooring or wood industry, they might not know what those words refer to. We’ve even met people who used them interchangeably! But an underlay and a subfloor aren’t the same thing; they have very different jobs and your new
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TimberTown: Using Sustainable Solutions!

TimberTown: Using Sustainable Solutions! - TimberTown - Sustainable Wood Products Calgary

If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that we’d like to leave the world in better shape for our kids than it is now. We might not all agree on the best ways to do that, but cutting down fewer trees so that old forests can thrive seems like a pretty solid
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The History of Wood Flooring

The History of Wood Flooring - TimberTown - Hardwood Flooring Calgary

Humans and the use of wooden tools and materials have gone back further than written history. As long as we’ve had semi-permanent dwellings, we’ve been using twigs and wood to make walls, roofs, and floors. Of course, all of this took a lot of time and resources, so even into the 19th century, most of
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All About the Potential Damages your New Floors Faces

All About the Potential Damages your New Floors Faces - TimberTown - Hardwood Floor Experts

You’d been dreaming about it for years. You’ve stressed for days over which precise wood and colour you wanted, but finally, your new floor is installed and perfect. You’re admiring it with a fondness most people reserve for their pets when you realize there’s a long scratch right down your floor. Oh no! What happened?!
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How to Keep your New Hardwood Flooring in Good Condition

How to Keep your New Hardwood Flooring in Good Condition - TimberTown - Hardwood Flooring Experts Calgary

There’s something exceptionally satisfying about looking at a twenty year old hardwood floor that still looks as good as they day it was finished. Now we’ll admit, we’re probably into great-looking hardwood floors a little more than the average person, but we think you’ll agree that anyone who invests in hardwood would love to keep
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The Best Floors for Pet Owners

The Best Floors for Pet Owners - TimberTown - Flooring Options Calgary

The Best Floors for Pet Owners It can be challenging in Alberta to balance being a pet owner and a homeowner. The facts – pets can be messy, and they’re hard on a house. Young pets have accidents,  spill their water bowls, and cover your floors with paw prints. Not to mention, claws can destroy
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How to Decide What Flooring is Right for Your Home

How to Decide What Flooring is Right for Your Home - TimberTown - Flooring Experts Calgary

If you’re like most Calgary homeowners, deciding which flooring is right for your home is actually more a process of deciding which floor is right for a particular room. Every room has a variety of great flooring options and each will also have choices that should be avoided. Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms Bathrooms and laundry
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