How Can Moisture & Humidity Affect Your Hardwood Flooring

Depending on the region that you live in, summertime might bring more than backyard BBQs, camping, gardening or relaxing by the pool side.

Summer can also bring high humidity in some regions and adversely dryness, especially in Alberta. If you have hardwood floors, understanding the humidity levels in your home is important when it comes to maintaining your floors and keeping them in the best shape possible. First off, wood flooring is a natural product that responds to different humidity levels by expanding and contracting, and these changes could be noticeable within different rooms in your home where humidity is present (or not). In the warmer months, of the year, wood tends to expand, and in the cooler months, wood will contract.

Preventing Potential Damage:

One of the best ways to reduce such a movement with your floors, is to purchase a humidity controls device for your home. Timbertown offers a product called, SaveYourFloor” – LCD Thermo-Hygrometer. This thermo-hygrometer is able to check air humidity levels & room temperature on a constant basis. This device is best place in rooms to which hardwood floors have been installed.

Hardwood Flooring Tip:

If you have Solid or Engineered hardwoods in your home, it is best to keep the levels in your home between 35% and 55%.

If the humidity levels are too high, use a dehumidifier or turn up the air conditioning in your home to assist with cooling the room. If you need to raise the humidity level of your room, you can use a humidifier to boost the overall temperature and moisture which will help the levels of the room raise.

Benefits of Knowing Humidity Levels

  • Prevent damage to the floors (i.e. shrinking, cracking, checking & cupping)
  • Can eliminate dust mites
  • Helps to prevent mould in living space – Keeping levels below 50%
  • Comfort & Health

By maintaining the humidity levels of the rooms in your home with hardwood floors, you will help to ensure that your floor remains covered by any warranties offered at the time of purchase, and it will also help to keep the shape of the floor in its best possible shape, as we’ll as for performance base issues.

Stop by Timbertown today and ask about the SaveYourFloor” – LCD Thermo-Hygrometer. This product is a dual-sensor data logger offering accurate & real-time humidity temperatures within your home. This product can be an ideal solution for homeowners who live in environments were humidity could reach record temperatures levels.