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We’ve been writing about different wood materials quite a bit in the last few months. Earlier this June, we were discussing pressure treated woods  and in May, we took some time to write about composite decking. Today, we’re going to continue the trend and fill you in on cedar wood.

A Naturally Superior Choice

A lot of Albertans we’ve spoken to have a deep appreciation for tradition and the way things have always been done. Many of them prefer to steer away from chemically-treated woods and man-made materials like composite. This is where cedar is a great option. Naturally decay resistant, light-weight, beautiful, and easy to use, cedar is simply a great choice for any homeowner who wants to do things the old fashioned way.

The Sustainable Option

If you read our last blog on pressure treated woods, you’ll know that one of the most popular treatments isn’t used anymore because it was found to contaminate the soil around it. Composite decking also uses a lot of manufacturing power and materials. Cedar wood is one of the best materials for the environment. It can be grown easily, logged ethically, and sucks CO2 from the air right up until it’s harvested. Knowing that your choice isn’t harming the planet just feels good.

For Fencing

At TimberTown, we definitely recommend choosing cedar as your fencing material of choice. It’s charming, warm hue, great sustainability, and natural defence against decay makes it the superior product in our minds. As a soft wood, you’ll also have no problem with building the fence yourself. Some Albertans are opting for tropical hardwoods, but the density of these woods makes them much harder to use in DIY projects. Cedar’s softness is much easier to work with.

If you haven’t seen our new fencing brochure you should definitely take a peek! It’s filled with different fencing ideas available in a variety of materials including cedar. Have any questions about cedar? Come into the TimberTown location closest to you, and our expert staff would be happy to help you with anything you need.

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