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Of all the mouldings available, baseboards are probably the ones most commonly seen. That’s because baseboards have a job beyond making your walls look nicer. They also hide the joint between your walls and your floor. Now a days, baseboards are usually a narrow strip of wood that is nailed, screwed, or just glued on. While baseboards can be painted any colour, they are usually white or left a natural wood colour.

However, don’t let all the boring baseboards lull you into thinking they don’t have the potential to improve your home’s design! Baseboards don’t have to be mundane. Our moulding catalogue is filled with a wide variety of styles and moulding types. Whether you love tall, shaped plaster baseboards, or a simple, plain baseboards that doesn’t distract or draw attention to themselves, you’ll find the right option for you. Mouldings of any type help to make a home look more complete and well put together. While fewer Calgary homeowners are choosing wainscot paneling (which often goes from the floor to just below the hip), many still splurge a little to get the baseboards they want — after all, every room needs baseboards anyways.

Basic baseboards can be installed easily as part of a DIY project. They do come in a few different materials, so be sure to come into TimberTown if you have any questions about which material will work best for your home. You’ll also need to decide whether you want to nail, screw, or glue your baseboards down. Which method you choose may be determined by how soon you may want them removed, ease of application, whether you want nail heads visible, among other contributing factors.

TimberTown is proud to offer quality mouldings of all kinds to homeowners across Alberta. Our baseboards look great and should last you the lifetime of your house. Come into the TimberTown closest to you and check out our selection of baseboards and other mouldings today.

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