Flooring Buyer’s Guide


When purchasing new flooring, it is important to ask “In what country was the product manufactured, and what is the products brand name?”. Consumers need this information to help determine actual wood species, quality, value and who guarantees the warranty. This information is vital to determine the true value of flooring when you are comparison shopping. You have a right to know in what country the flooring was made, prior to your purchase. At TimberTown, all our flooring products are labelled stating the Country of Manufacture and the Brand Name.
China (PRC) and Import flooring products of Laminate, Vinyl Plank, Engineered, or Solid Hardwood can represent good value for the price offered, but they should always be priced significantly lower than Canadian, USA and European products.

All Vinyl Flooring and Laminate Flooring products sold by TimberTown are produced Phthalates free, tested and comply with the European E1 standard or CARB for formaldehyde emissions. The E1 and CARB guidelines and standard values are specified by theGerman Federal Health Agency and the California Air Resource Board.

Beware of Import Products wrapped up in a Canadian or European label! Some Canadian floor dealers are labeling their import products with Scandinavian or North American branding. Unlike the USA, where country of origin must be identified on the flooring boxes, there is no such law in Canada to advise consumers. Canadian Consumers Beware!


When buying hardwood flooring it is very important to ask your flooring dealer, “What is the Moisture Content (MC) of the wood?” Solid
Hardwood flooring that is to be installed in our dry Alberta climate must be measured at 6-8% MC. If the MC is higher than 8% your floor will likely develop more significant gaps between the boards as the excess moisture is lost and the boards shrink.
TimberTown’s Canadian and American mills certify that their woods are at 6-8% MC, prior to milling. TimberTown’s selected PRC/Import mills also certify that their wood are at 6-8% MC, prior to milling. When buying PRC/Import flooring, it is very important to ask your dealer to use a Moisture Meter to test his product before you make a purchase. Seeing is believing. At TimberTown every sales person has a moisture meter.


Do not make your floor purchase based on the length of a manufacturer’s warranty. Make your purchase based on the physical properties of the product, and your estimate of its life expectancy under your particular home’s foot traffic and special wear conditions such as exposure to pets, parties, or wheel chairs. Manufacturer’s Warranties are usually Residential Only, Limited and Conditional. Ask for a copy of the warranty and take note of exclusions.

Manufacturers Warranties are often for more years than the mill has been in business, so who looks after your concerns when the mill closes? It makes good sense to buy your flooring from a flooring dealer who has been in business for as long as the warranty offered, and who takes responsibility for the product it sells.


We offer flooring choices for every budget. From $ .99 per sq. ft. to over $15 per sq. ft. These price ranges offer good value relative to the price being paid. TimberTown is happy to sell you the floor of your choice, but it is ultimately the buyers decision on whether to buy the Good, Better or Best floor available at TimberTown.
Note: All our flooring grades allow for a manufacturer’s defect allowance of 5% of total footage purchased.

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