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Builders Hardware - Timbertown - Timber Company Calgary

Here at Timbertown, it’s pretty fair to say we specialize in all kinds of wood products. From plywood and lumber to flooring and doors, we have basically all the wood supplies you’d need for creating any project. However, we actually carry a lot of building hardware too.

Building hardware includes all the metal bits used to protect and decorate buildings as well as to make structures more useful and convenient. They include things like door handles, knockers, and hinges; deadbolts and latches; and numerals, switch, and letter plates. Basically, building hardware are the products that make buildings work. They’re the parts supporting windows, doors, and cabinets and are commonly available in brass, steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and iron. Building hardware is classified by how and where it is used within the house.

Bathroom Hardware. The bathroom is the one of the only rooms in the house that receives its own classification. That’s because almost everything that makes a bathroom and bathroom is hardware!  The faucets, tubs, showers, holders, shelves, mirror are all considered hardware.

Plumbing Hardware. Related to bathroom hardware is plumbing hardware. Plumbing hardware is usually made from copper, aluminum, steel and PVC and includes all the pipes, hoses, and tubes used to transport water throughout the home.

Cabinet Hardware. Another hardware often found in the bathroom (and kitchen and laundry room) is cabinet hardware. All the non-wood pieces that allow the cabinet to function fall under hardware. This includes cabinet fasteners, latches, locks, pulls, brackets, hinges, etc.

Door & Window Hardware. Both doors and windows use a surprising amount of hardware. Doors have handles, hinges, locks, fasteners, hooks, number plates, knockers, and even mail boxes sometimes. Windows equally have a huge variety of hardware. Like doors, windows have hinges, locks, and handles. They also need extrusions, fasteners, and can have more hardware as well.

Curtain Hardware. The partner of window hardware, curtain hardware makes up almost everything other than the curtain itself. The curtain rings, hooks, rods, and poles are all considered hardware.

There are other classifications of hardware beyond the ones we’ve listed here. Security hardware includes things like fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. With so much hardware options available, it can be hard to know what you need for any specific reno or project. The professionals at Timbertown can help by answering your questions and giving you their expert advice. Come in to the Timber town location nearest you today!