Benefits of Penofin ® Wood Finishing Product

Benefits of Penofin ® Wood Finishing Product - Timbertown - Penofin ® Wood Finishing Product

Penofin ®- Penetrating Oil Finish

“The World’s Finest Finishes”

TimberTown has been carrying the Penofin® product line for many seasons.

Penofin® Ultra Premium Red Label is a one coat solution created to meet the demand for an exterior wood finish that outperforms all other transparent wood stains. The highly-penetrating Brazilian Rosewood Oil base, from sustainably harvested seeds, protects and nourishes wood fibers far deeper than any other stain. With the added mildew protection the “dark menace” will not attack wood so easily, and helps preserve that freshly-milled look.

Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label wood stain is perfect where rain, wind, snow, or high elevations are encountered. The formula in Ultra Premium Red Label wood stain is the result of extensive testing, and the use of the highest quality ingredients. Penofin wins the “Battle Of The Stains” penetration tests over all competitors, and gives longer life to wood of any species. Easy to apply and simple to maintain.


  • Use ProTech Stripper to remove any existing non-Penofin stain. If wood is gray, use Pro-Tech Brightener to restore the wood’s original appearance.
  • SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. DO NOT add thinning or blending agents.
  • Apply Penofin to a clean dry surface. Surface must be free of dirt and sawdust build-up. Do not apply when wood is hot to the touch. Minimum temperature is 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Either brush on, use a stain pad, or spray on using a pump up sprayer equipped with plastic tip.
  • To allow for maximum penetration wait 30 minutes, then use a nap-free shop cloth and wipe the entire surface, removing excess product.
  • Surface will be dry to the touch in three hours, and ready for use in 12 hours.
  • When using the one-coat formula, the application is now complete.
  • Do not apply wet-on-wet.

How much do I need for my project?

Penofin® is able to cover 150-200 sq.ft per gallon on rougher surfaces. On smoother surfaces, Penofin® is able to cover 250-300 sq.ft per gallon.

How do you prepare the wood when applying Penofin®?

Penofin® recommends that you use Penofin® Pro-Tech wood care products which is a three step process that you do before applying your Penetrating Oil Finish. After using the Pro-Tech cleaner and brightener, make sure that the wood dries for a minimum of 24 hours, and then apply the Penofin® you have purchased.

Can I apply Penofin® over another stain?

We recommend that Penofin® be applied to a clean, bare, dry wood.

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