5 Things to Love About Hardwood Flooring

Although we sell a lot of different kinds of wood and lumber at TimberTown, hardwood flooring remains one of our most popular products – and one that we remain incredibly passionate about.


That’s because hardwood flooring brings a lot of different advantages to a home that remain over time. In fact, we can’t think of many things that represent a better long-term value.


To understand why, here are five things we love about hardwood flooring, and that you probably will, too:


1. Hardwood flooring looks great. There is such a thing as classic beauty, and most people love the clean and rich look of a nice hardwood floor. Plus, you can choose a style or finish that matches virtually any decor.


2. Hardwood floors are easier to clean. Properly finished and installed hardwood floors give you almost maintenance-free beauty. Plus, they are resistant to water, mud, and virtually all types of staining.


3. Hardwood floors last longer. It isn’t unusual to see hardwood floors looking great decades after they were installed. And, even if your hardwood floor does become damaged, repairs tend to be quick and inexpensive.


4. Hardwood floors can be easier for allergy sufferers. Sneezes and sniffles can be a thing of the past with hardwood flooring. Because it attracts and traps fewer dust particles, and doesn’t contain allergens, hardwood can be great for those with allergies and breathing troubles.


5. Did we mention that hardwood flooring looks great? This benefit is so important that we just had to mention it twice. The fact that hardwood floors look great, and can hold a fantastic shine for decades to come, is the most important thing to most homeowners.


Considering hardwood floors for your home? Now is the perfect time to stop by TimberTown to see different styles and finishes, and to find out how easy it is to get flooring you’ll love for decades to come.

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