3 Reasons to Make us Your Calgary Hardwood Flooring Store



There are a lot of places you could turn for hardwood floors in Calgary, and many of our competitors claim to be the best. In fact, some of them even spend massive amounts on advertising to convince you that you should shop in their stores.

So, why should you make Timbertown your Calgary hardwood flooring store? It all comes down to the basics. We offer our customers three simple things that most other lumber and flooring businesses can’t:

1. An unbeatable selection, including our Calgary hardwood flooring showroom. Stop by Timbertown for just a few minutes, and you’ll quickly discover that we have virtually any kind of hardwood flooring you can imagine, including several different types of woods and stains to choose from. Whatever you want in your home, we can help you find it.

2. Service from a trained, friendly staff that’s here to help you make the right decision. Our staff isn’t made up of bored part-timers looking to make a check; they are committed men and women who want to see you find what you need. That means you’ll get great information without any sales pressure, and that we’ll be here after the sale to answer any questions you might have.

3. Competitive pricing to ensure you get a great deal on your hardwood flooring. We believe that great service and selection shouldn’t have to mean paying higher prices. Compare us to our competitors, and you’ll find that it doesn’t cost you anything extra to work with the best.

Getting the right Calgary hardwood flooring involves a lot more than simply choosing a color or design and putting it into your home. That’s why you want a team of experts that can help you sort through the options, give you great service, and make sure you pay a fair price.


If that sounds good to you, visit Timbertown today to see why we’re still Calgary’s top option for hardwood floors.