Why Get a Custom Door For Your Home?


Is a door just a door, or can it sometimes be something more?


This isn’t just a fun little riddle, it’s also a question more and more Calgary homeowners are asking themselves as custom doors become more popular. Given that any home improvement shop is going to sell solid, sturdy doors, why would you choose a custom model from Timbertown?


Here are the most common reasons:


Because you want the front of your home to have a distinctive look. Not surprisingly, the most common reason for wanting a custom door has to do with color, stain, or other design considerations. If you want your door to perfectly accent the rest of your home, it only makes sense to get one that’s built especially for that purpose – particularly if you have custom paint or siding.


And, remember that your door is a major focal point on the inside of your home, too, so it can help you tie together an entryway as much as it can the exterior.


You want an energy-efficient door. Obviously, energy efficiency is a big deal for almost every homeowner. But, if your doorway’s an unusual size, or you just want a more snug fit to keep the warm or cool air in, having a custom-built door can be a great upgrade to your Calgary home.


Safety is a concern. Occasionally, certain types of bolts, locks, or other features can make custom doors preferable from a safety and security standpoint.


Whatever your reason for wanting a custom door in your Calgary home, the team at Timbertown can help you choose or design the model that’s right for you. Stop by to see us today and let us show you how we can help with your home improvement project.