10 Things You May Not Have Known About Cork Flooring

Example of plywood floor

Flooring, flooring, flooring! It’s what we’re about, its what we’re passionate about! Check out the list we’ve created, 10 Things You May Not Have Known About Cork Flooring (we guarantee you didn’t know at least a few of these).

  1. Cork flooring is made from the bark of a Cork Oak Tree (this makes it renewable AND Sustainable!). No trees are harmed in the process, as they can regrow their bark and have a lifespan of approximately 500 years.
  2. The bark is ground, processed into sheets and baked in a Kiln (a furnace) to create the final product.
  3. With over 5.4 Million acres, the Cork Oak Tree can be found in the Mediterranean region of Europe (Portugal & Spain) and in Northern Africa.
  4. Cork is 50% air.
  5. It is impact resistant.
  6. Insulates against heat and cold. By being warm to the touch, you never have to worry about cold feet in the morning again!
  7. Lasting 25+ years, cork is a durable and wise choice, that requires little maintenance and clean up.
  8. The natural grains in the flooring make this a one of a kind choice… we can safely say that no one will have floors like yours!
  9. Cork is hypoallergenic; it resists mold, mildew & bacteria.
  10. Used as a flooring option for over 100 years.


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