Frank Pearson


Position Title: Contractor Sales Associate – SE Calgary
Years of Service: 13 Years (Since 2008)

  • Deck & Fence Package Estimates
  • Moulding, Doors & Finishing Materials
  • Flooring Expert – Laminate, Luxury Vinyl, Engineered and Solid Hardwood

Favourite Sports Team: Montreal Canadians!
Summer Activity: Calgary Corporate Challenge

What My Customers Are Saying About Me:

I just wanted to take a minute to say a couple of words about Frank Pearson. I dealt with him for many years and he always provided me with incredible good service. Because of him even if we would pay a few dollars extra at Timbertown (which I might say it does not happen often) I would still purchase it from him. I wanted to say a few words about his customer service since he always goes up and above to make a customer happy, and this time he went above all norms. Frank picked up the flooring that was not available here from Edmonton for us. This was just so unexpected, I mean who does that these days. Thank you so much for everything and I will always be loyal to Timbertown and Frank. – Daniel P, Calgary

“I was recently in the 42 ave Calgary location. I dealt with Frank Pearson. He was personable , and extremely helpful. He connected me to one if your hardwood installers as well. Our installer came over and was lovely and informative as well. They are both exceptional employees in my estimation. They made this a lovely and painless experience for a neophyte such as myself to home renovations!! You have a beautiful selection of wood, it was easy to zero in on my choice, which I am thrilled with. Kudos to them both!!” – Nancy P, Calgary

“I work in the Ogden Rd-Industrial area of Calgary and have driven by TimberTown a couple of times, but never had the time to pop in and check them out. I have a few small-scale home projects on the go and was curious if the they had the materials I was looking for to execute an idea I had. My husband and I were recently in the area with some time to kill so we decided to drop in and man, I couldn’t be happier I finally did!

While we were wandering through their flooring selection I was talking out loud whether I could utilize the pre-cut flooring blocks we were approached by one of the fellas on the floor, Frank Pearson, who was likely just getting a kick out of overhearing me speak animatedly to my husband about the different wood species and pondering out loud ‘what will work?’ ‘oh! this could work, it’s high density’…’no, that one is too soft’..etc. He patiently listened to me while I explained what I’m working on and instead of just nodding and then writing us off as small sale customers, he 100% encouraged my idea(s), agreed they would work and then proceeded to give me all sorts of advice and suggestions on materials and hardware. He was so warm and kind, so knowledgeable and just a pleasure to work with! Talking ‘shop’ with him was like being back at home with my father, who is a hands on jack-of-all-trades type of fella, in his work shop and the two of us trying to problem solve a creative project together.

Frank’s assistance and suggestions absolutely made my day. I left with the biggest smile on my face and proclaimed to my husband ‘this is why I love going into lumber and hardware stores’. I can’t wait until I reach the next point in my humble little project when I can return for additional lumber and hardware and share my project updates.
Thanks for all of your help Mr. Pearson and TimberTown. You guys are great” – Rebecca D – Calgary 

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